How To Make Your Work and Home ‘Green Friendly’

As awareness of the dangers surrounding global warming grows, more people and companies are starting to tackle this planet-wide challenge. However, our efforts aren’t yet enough. Nonetheless, there are simple steps we can take to reduce our impact on the environment. For this to work, everyone must make a united effort, whether you’re making changes at home or in the workplace.

Two of the factors that influence an organisation’s effect on the environment include work activities and waste. These are great places to start when reducing our carbon emissions.

Let’s look at these factors in more detail.

Energy-Sucking Activities

Have you ever thought about what is using the most energy in your workplace or home? The most likely culprits are often the internet, central heating, air conditioning, and lighting. These can all have a massive effect on carbon use. While it can be difficult to become carbon neutral when you rely on these electrical provisions, you can still minimise how much energy you’re using.

For example, when you leave a room, turn off the lights and any room-specific temperature controls. Where possible, you can make sure these lights are energy-efficient LEDs. You should also ensure you have your air conditioning and/or central heating serviced regularly. These little changes can save money and energy at the same time.

You might also be able to make some changes to the amount of paper you use. Can you save printing on paper by e-mailing details to your recipients or even call these people?



The way we deal with rubbish has a massive impact on the environment, which is why we have a legal responsibility to handle our waste responsibly. The best form of waste management is waste reduction, which encompasses eliminating, reducing, reusing, recycling and recovering waste before disposal.

The costs of waste disposal have increased significantly over the past few years and this trend will continue. But these costs help us to safely repurpose and degrade waste for our planet’s benefit. This is where your waste practices come in. Are you disposing of certain waste products correctly? Can you recycle your waste or even reuse it? Does your establishment have the correct waste reduction measures in place?

If you’re in any doubt, ETD can help. Our Environmental Safety Course breaks down the importance of environmentally conscious practices and shows you how you and your organisation can become green friendly.


ETD’s Environmental Safety Course

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