Fire Marshal

Fire Warden

ETD’s fire marshal training will show you how to protect yourself and others in the event of a fire. 

Everyone in the workplace should be familiar with the fire marshal’s role, from the regular checks they should make to the procedures they should manage during a real fire. In short, fire marshals have a high level of responsibility, and it’s important that all staff recognise their duties. 

ETD’s Fire Warden Training Course makes these duties clear by explaining the fire warden’s role and the protocols they should take during a fire. The training will show you how to prevent fires, run fire drills and manage workforces should a fire break out.

What does the course cover?

  • The role of the Fire Warden and why the role is important to work safety.
  • What is required of the Fire Warden and how to carry this out.
  • The causes of workplace fires and what actions can be taken to prevent them
  • How to evacuate their workforce – Fire Drills and Roll Call.

Fire Marshal Training Outcomes

  • Legislation involving workplace safety and fire safety
  • Causes of workplace fires
  • How to spot and eliminate fire risks in the workplace
  • The importance of the fire warden’s role
  • Assessing fire hazards using five simple steps – download ETD’s free risk assessment forms
  • Evacuating the workforce in fire drills and roll calls
  • How to use a fire extinguisher

Course Modules

  • Welcome to your Fire Warden Training Course
  • Introduction to fire wardens
  • Interactive Activities
  • What is the role of a fire warden or fire marshal?
  • Weekly checks
  • Summary and final exam

Test & Certification

At the end of the fire marshal training, you will be given a 20-question, multiple-choice test. The required pass rate is 85%. You will be able to download and print a digital certificate on completion of the course. This certificate is valid for three years, at which point we recommend you take the Fire Warden Refresher Course every 12 months.


Main Course: Approximately 30 minutes (excluding time taken for the final exams). 

Complete your fire marshal training from anywhere at any time, whether at home or in the workplace.