Trick or Treat

Halloween, the same thing every year, kids love it. Walking from house to house, crossing the roads in crowds of people and collecting treats. You know when it happens, so; if you are driving on Halloween consider a number of safety precautions:

Slow down in residential areas or places likely to have children walking about.

If reversing out of your drive, do so with much care. Reverse out slowly.

When driving through villages, be extra vigilant. Be careful when driving around curves or bends.

Remove any distractions within your car. Mobile phones, even your Sat Nav (if you do not need it). Reduce the volume of your radio.

The most common time for people to do trick-or-treating is around 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm.

Generally speaking, speed limits in built-up areas are normally 30 mph. However, you are unaware of the speed limits for your vehicle then please take a look at the following table: