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Who requires People Handling training?

If you have a number of users needing training then we would be happy to discuss a better price for you! We would love to speak with you and find out how we can provide you with what you require. Call us (0)1588 641 915 or e-mail us on and we'll be happy to help in whatever way we can.

Main Course                 Main course lasts for approx. 27 minutes (excluding time taken for final exam)
Refresher Course Refresher course lasts for approx. 20 minutes (excluding time taken for final exam)


Main Course                 £15 + VAT which provides and covers the user with a 3 year certificate.
Refresher Course £10 + VAT which provides and covers the user with a 1 year certificate.


Everyone in your organisation involved with the movement of people.

Whether your organisation is a hospital, a hospice, a nursing or care home, or is involved in caring for people in the community – whether in their own homes or social residences - then your staff will be required to complete ETD’s People Handling training course. Handling people with dignity and care is important to ensure that the risk of injury to yourself and the people whom you care for is reduced. People Handling training is a necessity for any healthcare organisation. 

Today, the cost of musculoskeletal injuries in the healthcare sector is enormous. ETD's People Handling training course seeks to redress this trend by teaching sound knowledge, helping participants to understand how to handle people with care for themselves and the patient or client. 

A general overview of People Handling training is written at the bottom of this page, just below the video which we have created for you.

This course also includes a free risk assessment form for every single online user of ETD Training, completing a simple 5 step approach which is:

State what the area of Health & Safety is you are covering

Who will be harmed and how

What is currently being done about this task?

What further action must taken

Action by whom and when



Classroom time is considerably reduced.

An individual's progress is recorded.

Organisations can evidence an individual's knowledge and understanding at each stage.

It provides the solid foundation for subsequent practical training sessions.

Once a course has been purchased it will expire one calendar year from the day it is bought. When a user has passed and completed a main course, they will receive a certificate of achievement which lasts for three years; refresher course certificates will expire one calendar year from completion.

Course Content

Below is a 1 minute 42 second trailer showing the actual content of ETD's People Handling training course followed by an illustration of an interactive game.



The difference between the handling of people compared to boxes and other inanimate objects. An explanation as to why people have to be handled with dignity and care.

A background to the problem in healthcare organisations and bad practises

The need for improved practices to help reduce the number of healthcare injuries. How legislation has helped and was interpreted in relation to people handling.

MHOR and the Human Rights Act

A quick look at how the MHOR and the Human Rights Act 1998 exist together.

Out with controversial handling with good practice!

The campaign to get rid of dangerous practices and introduce better awareness and better equipment. ETD's People Handling training illustrates what has replaced the old techniques and the new equipment which has been introduced.

The principles of Manual Handling as applied specifically to the healthcare environment and People Handling

A detailed review of the principlies you studied in our Manual Handling training module, with direct reference to the healthcare environment - and people handling training in