ETD Profile

ETD Training Mission Statement


“To provide the most exciting way for UK organisations to ensure that their personnel are trained in mandatory and other disciplines in the most cost effective, time saving and legally thorough manner”


ETD Training Vision Statement

 “We significantly reduce risks from your workplace by presenting our H&S topics in the most professional way whilst being engaging and stylish; helping to ensure that your workforce and workplace is both personally and financially prosperous.

ETD is here for you ... protecting your entire organisation.

ETD Training

ETD Training is a health and safety training provider who deals specifically with e-learning. This is due to the innumerable benefits e-learning brings for organisations which I will explain below. We create our own courses from scratch to ensure that content is covered professionally, in depth and to the level required.

Our main aim is to provide engaging content, ensuring that your employees remain focused and learn everything required to obtain their certificate at the end of the course. To do this, courses are presented with graphics, video, a human avatar and interactive activities with questions at the end of each module leading up to the final exam at the end.


Benefits to your organisation:

  • Courses are short and concise, reducing downtime and costs.
  • Employees can train in bite sized chunks so training is completed at your time schedules.
  • You can check the progress of your staff at the press of a button.
  • Certification provided upon completion for your data records, and also records are kept online for adding as a backup of proof of completion.
  • Free online risk assessment forms.
  • Meet your online statutory obligations and legal responsibilities.
  • Cheaper and shorter refresher courses for years 2 and 3 should you choose to continue with ETD Training.
  • Peace of mind and evidence that training has been completed.

Extra benefits:

  • NEW Online Risk Assessment forms are available for any organisation who trains via our online management course. The risk assessments are HSE approved and cover a 5 step approach to any task about to be performed, helping you continue to meet your legislative obligations with maximum ease. The completed risk assessment can then be sent via e-mail to the Health and Safety Manager or whoever is chosen to receive and monitor this area of health and safety.
  • Courses can be completed on Apple products such as the iPad and iPhone which is perfect for employees who are constantly on the move.
  • ETD Training is also focused on doing our bit for the environment. As a result, all of our online courses are carbon neutral.