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Slips and Trips Training…continue being protected!

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Main Course                 Main course lasts for approx. 31.5 minutes (excluding time taken for final exam)
Refresher Course Refresher course lasts for approx. 18 minutes (excluding time taken for final exam)


Main Course                 £15 + VAT which provides and covers the user with a 3 year certificate.
Refresher Course £10 + VAT which provides and covers the user with a 1 year certificate.


Course Information:

Every environment has the potential of a slips and trips hazard. ETD’s Slips and Trips course educates your employees in the implementation of good housekeeping…helping to reduce an accident at work – whilst making the workplace a much safer environment.

Slips and trips are one of the main causes for accidents in the workplace; however, these accidents can be easily prevented. This health and safety training course gives you the opportunity to meet legislation efficiently – helping your workforce understand the core principles behind a safer working environment.

The training is designed to fit the requirements of most organisations. Whether you work in a school, hospital, library, factory, shop or construction site this course has been designed for you – helping to reduce the potential of an accident at work!

It is no surprise that more than a third of all workplace injuries are the result of either these incidents.

According to UK law and regulation, it is mandatory for all employers to have slips and trips training in place for their employees – so do it quickly and efficiently with our Online Management System - designed for small/medium sized enterprises. It will support your training needs, giving you full control to monitor the progress of your employees – helping you to abide with legislation.


In addition to this course, all online courses also come with free online risk assessments to help you in the day to day running of your business. For more information on our '5 steps to risk assesment' forms and this added benefit, click the link.

How does Slips and Trips training benefit you?

You save on time

You save on money

You receive up-to-date legislation

Top of the range presentational techniques

You remain compliant in the basics of Slips and Trips training

Once a course has been purchased it will expire one calendar year from the day it is bought. When a user has passed and completed a main course, they will receive a certificate of achievement which lasts for three years; refresher course certificates will expire one calendar year from completion. 

Course Subject Titles:


Background, history and legislation


Slips and trips explained



Contamination and obstacles




Risk assessments

Carrying out risk assessments